Aint nobody here volunteer coordinating… So will be back.


  • Cherry Tart / vinegar / greens / fish / legumes
  • Outdoors
  • Moped
  • Truck
  • Car
  • Rentals
  • Fun stuff in this state
  • Friends
  • stick to guns
  • cleaning 2 hang out
  • pay attention to upcoming concerts
  • plus IT conventions
  • ANIME too!
  • ETc new post for it!

Yeah Wake up get up get into the interesting routine maybe a job for pocket change…

Two prospects to work at gas station and old restaurant job. Can’t wait not to not wait and be work free. So now it is ecstasy.

But do need a new skateboard plus just maybe 20 hrs a week won’t be bad at all. Though the gas station would probably be working more though could make new friends there too.

Life is good. Health is getting on track and that is main concern. Heading to the science museum- volunteers headquarters to pick up a butterfly pinning kit.