Meds dads on Renal Disease Meds Breakdown Explanation Links For everybody Me Myself I Dad You!

  • Ccumalle
  • Lansoprazole -Crushing and dissolving pills in food. thick hard to read
  • Triphrocaps Multivitamins when used with kidney disease – This is a good link for myself too
  • calcitrol Vitamin D to prevent low calcium summary breakdown repeat?
  • 5000u-Ergocol Citerol helps for vitamin D because it is D2 other treaments include symptoms of malabsorbtion Eletricalyte imbalance?
  • Stool softener taken when needed basic sum and jist
  • Potassium Cl 20 Mlg B A N A N A S or just and mineral and used to treat low doses
  • Ibuprofen PM Easy Peesy
  • Bumetanide Loop Diuretic Causes you to make more urine.
  • Ocycodone HCL
  • B-6 vitamins Macronutrient Metabolism reported toxic in supplements but not food sources nice! Good one check this.
  • Cretors
  • Sim vastatin reduces bad chemicals lower risk of strokes heart disease – good and bad chelosterol. Group of drugs named “statins” Avoid grapefruit / juice because of this. Lesser for chinese men taking niacin. Quit smoking helps for effects and stuff for buest.

Good job. You!

“Important things to report in medical history”

Something interesting foods that are or can imitate these products..


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